About me

I am picture here on the right with some good ol fashioned goons.
Yes, our beards are sweet.

My name is Andrew Alves. I live in Massachusetts and I’m an electrical engineer who was raised in one of the densest cities in America by parents born and raised in Portugal. I’m a huge fan of the game of basketball and really only follow NBA and NFL. I’m a huge closet nerd who likes video games and science although I usually don’t bring that stuff up unless prompted.

I started this site just to get some experience with the process of launching a wordpress website. Now I mostly use it to document and share ideas, rants, or topics that I find interesting. I have no real schedule for when I post things, but I often have things in the works that may or may not make it onto the site.

Please be kind to other users in the community and if you disagree with something or find something upsetting please don’t be afraid to leave a comment. If you find something interesting please share your ideas as well.

If you have suggestions for posts or videos please feel free to DM me on instagram: @andrew_alves8